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My name is Bill Hirt and I'm a candidate to be a Representative from the 48th district in the Washington State legislature. My candidacy stems from concern the legislature is not properly overseeing the WSDOT and Sound Transit East Link light rail program. I believe East Link will be a disaster for the entire eastside. ST will spend 5-6 billion on a transportation project that will increase, not decrease cross-lake congestion, violates federal environmental laws, devastates a beautiful part of residential Bellevue, creates havoc in Bellevue's central business district, and does absolutely nothing to alleviate congestion on 1-90 and 405. The only winners with East Link are the Associated Builders and Contractors of Western Washington and their labor unions.

This blog is an attempt to get more public awareness of these concerns. Many of the articles are from 3 years of failed efforts to persuade the Bellevue City Council, King County Council, east side legislators, media, and other organizations to stop this debacle. I have no illusions about being elected. My hope is voters from throughout the east side will read of my candidacy and visit this Web site. If they don't find them persuasive I know at least I tried.

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Table of Blog Posts

 A.G Ferguson for Governor Biggest Caveat?                  7/11/24     Sound Transit’s Surplus Property Approach                   7/07/24      Mayor Harold Should Speak Up for Seattle                7/01/24                     Sound Transit Board Compensation.                            6/27/24        What this Governor Candidate Recommends for                          Funding Transportation                                                     6/21/24    Traffic Lab Abides WSDOT I-405 HOT Debacle              6/15/24         ST CEO’s Dubious Starter Line Ridership Claims          6/09/24     Traffic Lab Abets ST’s Biggest Blunder                        6/06/24   Amazon should  Sue to Stop Ballard to Sodo Link        5/27/24     External Consultant’s Ballard Link Extension Report   5/21/24     Benefits from Reducing States CO2 Emissions          05/16/24     Sound Transit and Traffic Lab Ignore Starter Line Debacle   5/13/24   My Candidacy for Governor                                                5/10/24         Voters' Pamphlet Statement for Governor                          5/06/24        A Better Ballard Link Option                                         5/03/24       Starter Line Debut Doubts                                             4/26/24          An Alternative to ST  Bus Base North Boondoggle       4/15/24      Traffic Lab’s Lynnwood Link Debut                                  4/09/24       Will Megaproject Hire Fix ST’s Biggest Problem?         4/03/24      Sound Transit Board’s Biggest Problem                         3/28/24.       Climate Commitment Act's Value?                                  3/18/24        Storage Not Sound Transit’s Real Problem                      3/14/24            3 Days of WSDOT I-405 $15 HOT Fee Results                3/08/24        The Eastlink Debacle Begins                                           2/22/24  WSDOT Toll Report Belies I-405 "Clogging"                    2/17/24    Seattle Times "Brakes on Streetcar Connector"               2/12/24    WSDOT’s I-405 2-HOT Lane Debacle Continues           2/03/24.     Use “Streetcar Connection” to Replace 2nd ST Tunnel   1/23/24         Another Reason I’m Filing for Governor                         1/20/24,             A New ST CEO, Another Year of Folly                            1/14/24.            More Sound Transit 2023 Blunders                                  1/05/24    Looking Back at 2023                                                     12/30/23     A Likely Reason Why ST CEO Timms is Leaving           12/17/23      Next year’s Starter Line and Lynnwood Link Results     12/05/23  Seattle Times Traffic Lab Priorities                                 11/28/22     An Equitable Sound Transit Fare Structure                    11/22/23           More Sound Transit Board Incompetence                     11/14/23.     A Rational Approach to Link Fares                                 11/10/23          ST 2024 Plan Approval Demonstrates Board Doesn’t                        “Get It".                                                                            11/04/23   WSDOT Compounds I-405 2-HOT Lane Debacle.         10/20/23    Kate Riley Still Doesn’t Get It                                        10/14/23.              ST August Agency Progress Report Starter Line                                     Debacle Details                                                             10/09/23      Limited Benefits of TAG and Consultant Advice        10/05/23             East Link EIS Noise Mitigation Requirements              9/28/23       Lynnwood Link Debut Will Change ST 2024-2029                           Development Plan                                                          9/20/23.        More on Bus Base North                                                9/08/23.         More on No Need for 2nd Downtown Tunnel                 9/02/23              The Lynnwood Link Debut Benefit                                8/30/23        Bellevue City Council Presentation                                8/22/23      Sound Transit Board's Funding Approval?                    8/17/23     Another ST Starter Line Benefit                                    8/04/23                 The ST/WSDOT I-405 Debacle Continues                    7/30/23            ST Ballard Link Bus/Train Incompetence.                       7/16/23     Starter Line and Lynnwood Link "Benefits"                   7/06/23     Everett Extension Needs Cost/Benefit Analysis           6/30/23.       Traffic Lab Should "Dig Into" Need for ST $12B                                       2nd Tunnel                                                                     6/22/23               Sound Transit's Bifurcated Approach to Parking           6/12/23      Sound Transit Delays East Link Debacle                       6/08/23     SoundTransit's Big Cost Driver                                      6/03/23          Sound Transit & Board Ignore No-2nd-Tunnel Option   5/31/23    Voters' Pamphlet Candidate Statement                            5/19/23        Questions a Transit Board Should Ask.                            5/11/23   Existing DSTT Can Accommodate Light Rail Riders      4/29/23   Seattle Times Ignores East Link's Real Problems.           4/18/23          Sound Transit's Fare Strategy?                                         4/10/24              Dear ST Board Members Harrel and Balducci.              4/01/23         Let UW Determine the Need for 2nd ST Tunnel             3/27/23      More on Avoiding 2nd Tunnel                                        3/23/23             ST Needs to Study No 2nd Tunnel Option                      3/15/23                East Link Starter Line "Benefits"                                      3/11/23        Sound Transit's Real Problem is the Product                                      Not the Process                                                                  3/06/23           Dear Chinatown International District Preservation                               & Development Authority                                               2/26/26        Sound Transit Doesn't Need a 2nd Tunnel.                    2/21/23    Sound Transit's Operating Cost Debacle                         2/17/23     Sound Transit Ignores the Northgate Link Debacle        2/09/23      South End and East Side Cities Should Sue Sound                        Transit to Terminate Line 2 Link at CID.                        2/03/23   Bellevue Should Sue Sound Transit                                 1/29/23    More Reasons for  JTC ST Audit                                       1/21/23.   Legislature's JTC Should Audit Sound Transit                1/13/23   Federal Funding Doesn't Fix Lynnwood and Federal                        Way Link Problems                                                         1/08/23         Another Year of I-405 Delay.                                           1/05/23.      2022, Another Year of Sound Transit Incompetence.   12/30/22   Seattle Times Concedes "Voter Approved" Extensions                    Won't Reduce Congestion.                                                12/23/22    New Sound Transit CEO's Report Card                           12/17/22  Sound Transit Can Still Mitigate East Link Debacle       12/11/22  Another Year of ST Approving Financial Plan and                    Approved Budget Folly                                                  12/06/22  Seattle Times Abets ST East Link Debacle                    11/28/22         New ST CEO Continues Rogoff Debacle                       11/16/22         ST System Expansion Committee Incompetence            11/09/22     Sound Transit's Delusional Ridership Projections           11/02/22         ST Should Terminate East Link at Chinatown Station    10/28/22   Sound Transit Needs to Justify Transit Projects             10/22/22  Northgate Link Begins the Debacle                              10/14/22       What the New Sound Transit CEO Could Do               10/07/22    Questions for New Sound Transit CEO                           9/29/22       Seattle Times Abets Incompetent ST Transit                       Development Plan                                                               9/22/22        ST  Prop 1 Expansions Cost/Benefit Failure                      9/16/22        Seattle Times Ignores ST Real Revenue Problem.              9/07/22  Expediting Bellevue-to-Redmond  Light Rail Starter Line 9/02/22     System Expansion Committee Incompetence Continues    8/23/22    Will Seattle Times Continue Enabling ST Incompetence? 8/17/22        ST Can't Hide Link Line 2 Operating Cost Debacle           8/09/22       No Climate Change Emergency.                                        7/26/22       Avoiding the East Link Debacle                                        7/22/22         Ballard Deserves Better                                                   7/17/22     Traffic Lab Ignores 2-year Lynnwood Delay                  7/15/22           Traffic Lab Should "Dig Into" Sound Transit                             Machinations                                                                    7/07/22   Lynnwood Link's 2-Year Service Delay?                         6/29/22   WSDOT Needs New Secretary                                         6/22/22        ST Doesn't Recognize Need For "Motorized Access"        6/14/22    New ST CEO Could Expedite Light Rail “Spine” Demise  6/09/22             U.S. Senate Voters' Pamphlet Statement                             6/04/22   Sound Transit Doesn't Need 2nd Downtown Tunnel.        6/03/22        ST Board Still Doesn't Recognize CEO Rogoff's Transit                         System Incompetence                                                         5/30/22    Sound Transit Board Incompetence Continues                  5/25/22          The Answer to Sound Transit's Access Problem.              5/13/22     Sound Transit Delays East Link Debut Debacle                5/07/22     Why is Rogoff Still ST CEO?                                             4/30/22           A Solution for Sound Transit's Real Problem.                     4/23/22    Sound Transit's CEO Replacement Competency Problem  4/18/22  Sound Transit's CEO Replacement Debacle Continues     4/13/22   Northgate Link Debut Portends Prop 1 Debacle.              4/04/22       Why ST Should Release Service Performance                                 Report Q4 2021                                                              3/25/22       Sound Transit Ignores "Likely" Northgate Link.                                       Debut Debacle                                                                 3/19/22    Northgate Link Results Should "Inform" Lynnwood                       Funding.                                                                             3/09/22       Why Northgate Link Debut Results are Important           3/06/22       Why No One Wants To Be ST CEO                                 2/27/22           A 2nd Tunnel Alternative and More.                               2/24/22           Mitigating The East Link Debacle                                   2/15/22.     Seattle Times Still Doesn't Get It                                     2/10/22     Acceptable East Link Bel-Red Noise Levels?                  2/05/22              What If No One Wants ST CEO Job                                 2/01/22    Stopping ST's $300 Million 85th Street Interchange         1/30/22  Seattle Times Abets ST 2nd Tunnel Stupidity                  1/25/22    Problems Replacing ST CEO Rogoff                              1/22/22         Sound Transit Car Tab Mendacity                                   1/18/22          Seattle Times Ignores I-405 Congestion                         1/13/22      Seattle Times Decade of Enabling Sound Transit                          Debacle                                                                            1/08/22       2021, Sound Transit's Year of Debacle                            1/02/22          My Candidacy For U.S. Senate                                        12/29/21      Sound Transit's "Pretend Board" Incompetence               12/21/21      Sound Transit Board Ignores Northgate Link Debacle  12/14/21   Northgate Link Debut Portends Prop 1 Debacle            12/0921     Sound Transit's Northgate Link Debut Dilemma          11/30/21          ST's Apparent Northgate Link Debut Debacle              11/22/21       Replacing ST CEO Peter Rogoff                                    11/12/21         What Sound Transit's 2022 Budget Didn't Tell Us        11/05/21        What Sound Transit Isn't Telling Us                               11/01/21           ST Board Mtg. Agenda Ignores Northgate Link                               Debut Results                                                                10/24/21    Constantine's Incompetent Sound Transit Board          10/18/21      Sound Transits Farebox Recovery Problem                   10/11/21     Sound Transit Board Should also be Replaced              10/06/21             Northgate Link's Transit Transformation?                       9/30/21          ST Northgate Link Debut Data Release                           9/22/21         Northgate Link Debuts Prop 1 Failure                              9/15/21       Sound Transit Lacks Transparency                                   9/06/21          Why Not a West Seattle-to-Ballard Tunnel                       8/29/21     A,G. Ferguson Continues Enabling ST Debacle              8/23/21       What Sound Transit Realignment Should Do                  8/18/21     Sound Transit Realignment Needs ST4 Funding                           Approval                                                                         8/08/21        2021 Q1 Service Delivery Report Portends Northgate                             Link Debacle                                                                    8/03/21             Northgate Link Debut Should "Inform" Sound                             Transit's Realignment                                                       7/27/21     Transit Board's "Unbridled" Realignment                        7/19/21           ST CEO Rogoff/UW Agreement on Northgate Link                               Vibration Level Exceeding Limits                                   7/14/21   Northgate Link Debut Will Debunk "Rail Boosters"       7/1021         Class Action Complaint                                                    7/07/21        Legal Challenge Needed                                                  7/05/21         Sound Transit  Needs Visibility                                         6/30/21      Sound Transit Board Rejects April Budget???                  6/22/21        Sound Transit's April Budget Debacle                              6/14/21     Sound Transit Ignores "End of ST3 Funding" in 2042      6/04/21        Northgate Link Compliance with UW Vibration Limits     5/28/21     East Side Residents Deserve Better                                 5/26/21     King County Executive Candidate's Voter's Pamphlet                Statement                                                                          5/18/21           Candidacy Debunks Green New Deal                              5/06/21     East Link Debut Will Dwarf Northgate Link Debacle       4/22/21 Northgate Link Debut Welcome News                              4/14/21          Why Northgate Link Delay                                                4/08/21      Why Northgate Link Debut Should End Prop I                4/02/21   Northgate Link Debut Delay Continues                            3/20/21   Northgate Link Debut Needed to Expose Prop 1 Debacle   3/07/22      Traffic Lab Should "Dig Into" ST CEO Rogoff                                  Northgate Link Delay                                                       2/27/21            Why Sound Transit Delays Northgate Link Debacle       2/23/21    Seattle Times Still Abets ST CEO Rogoff                            Incompetence                                                                   2/19/21          My Campaign to Mitigate East Link Debacle                 2/14/21          My King County Executive Candidacy                          2/06/21     Seattle Times Connivance With Sound Transit              1/29/21   Northgate Link Debut Exemplifies Light Rail Spine                           Debacle                                                                           1/21/22             ST Should Expedite Ballard and West Seattle Links      1/11/21      Sound Transit Board Car-Tab "Solution" Incompetence  1/04/21     Transit Should Replace CEO and Board                         12/29/20     Traffic Lab Ignores ST CEO Rogoff's 2021 Budget                         Debacle                                                                           12/20/20         Inslee's COVID-19 Vaccination Priorities                      12/15/20   Seattle Times Ignores ST 2021 Budget Debacle              12/13/20         Benefits from Inslee's Lockdown?                                   12/08/20   Sound Transit Board Can Mitigate Northgate Debacle   12/03/20           Inslee's "Dire Situation"?                                                 11/25/20 Abating ST Board's Light Rail Spine Debacle                11/18/20 

The Times Abets ST CEO Rogoff Incompetence            11/05/20

ST CEO Rogoff's Incompetent COVID Response           10/25/20

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East Side Councils Should Demand KCM Routes 
Bypass MI                                                                    9/12/20
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My Global Warming Denier Gubernatorial Platform       7/17/20
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IPCC and “Expert Reviewers” Ignores National 
Academy of Science                                                       6/29/20
Bellevue Incompetence Continues                                    6/21/20
NAS Debunks IPCC Climate Change Concerns             6/11/20
Revisiting the Fossil Emission Hoax                               6/08/20
Mercer Island Should Sue Sound Transit                      6/05/20
’IPCC's Monumental Blunders                                        5/29/20
WSDOT Problems Beyond Bridge Oversight                5/24/20                              My Take: The Fossil Emission Hoax                               5/18/20
Seattle Times Ignores Another Candidacy                      5/16/20
Gubernatorial Voters' Pamphlet Candidate's Statement 5/14/20                        “Scientists” ignore Global Warming Realities                   5/06/20
Ice Core Results Debunk Atmospheric CO2 Level
Concerns                                                                         5/02/20
Ice Core Results Debunk IPCC Global Warming
Concerns                                                                         4/30/20
Thirty Years Of IPCC Incompetence                               4/26/20
Seattle Times Ignores Gubernatorial Climate 
Warming Denier Candidacy                                            4/21/20
The IPCC Climate Change Failure                                 4/17/20
My Global Warming Denier Candidacy,                        4/09/20
My Take, The fossil CO2 emission hoax                       4/02/20
My Voters’ Pamphlet Opposition to the Carbon Tax      3/29/20
My Candidate's Statement on I-405                              3/26/20
Why I’m A Candidate for Governor                               3/23/20
Sound Transit’s Perpetual Financial Black Hole                    3/15/20
Sound Transit’s East Side Debacle Continues              3/06/20
Bellevue Council Can Mitigate East Side Congestion   3/02/20
An Audit Would End Car Tab Fees and More                        2/18/20 
Sound Transit Car Tab Fee Lies Continue                     2/14/20
Ending the Prop 1 Debacle                                            2/11/20
The Northgate Link Debacle is Just the Beginning        2/04/20
Better Ways to Use Existing Transportation Funds       1/27/20
How Microsoft Can Go “Carbon Negative”                    1/18/20
8Seattle Times Continues Abetting Sound Transit 
Car Tab Mendacity.                                                        1/14/20
Another Year Added to I-405 Debacle                           1/09/20
Another Year of Traffic Lab Incompetence?                   1/04/20
Seattle Times Abides Sound Transit Board's
15-Year Incompetence                                             12/28/19
Generation Z Climate Change Leadership?              12/21/19
Repairing Sound Transit’s “Lost Public Trust”           12/19/19
ST CEO Rogoff”s Real 2020 Budget Debacle.                12/11/19
ST CEO Rogoff’s “No-Budget” 2020 Budget                   12/05/19
Mercer island Should Sue to Block Sound Transit 
Reserved Parking                                                            11/29/19
ST CEO Rogoff's I-405 BRT Incompetence Continues   11/26/19
The I-405 Debacle Continues                                                   11/21/19
Next Year it’s for Governor                                              11/14/19
A.G. Ferguson Will Again Block Lower Car Tab Fees     11/09/19                Seattle and King County Should Sue Sound Transit     11/07/19
Sound Transit's "Air of Haughtiness"                               10/31/19
Bellevue Should Send Sound Transit Message              10/26/19
Seattle Times Car-Tab Malfeasance Continues              10/23/19
Seattle Times Still Doesn’t Get It                                    10/20/19
6th District Commuters Deserve Better on I-405 
and SR 520                                                              10/17/19
Tip of the Iceberg                                                           10/13/19
Another Year of Traffic Lab Failure                                10/09/19
Why I’m A Stop East Link Now Candidate                    10/03/19
Sound Transit Car Tab Mendacity                                  9/29/19
What I-405 Corridor Advisory Group Should "Advise"    9/22/19
Ballard and West Seattle Deserve Tunnel                      9/18/19          Lynnwood Extension Epitomizes Sound Transit 
Incompetence                                                                 9/09/19
Seattle Should Sue to Block I-5 Central Link 
Extensions                                                                      8/27/19
Eastside Cities Should Sue to Block Bus Intercept        8/23/19
Mercer Island Continues Abetting Bus Intercept 
Debacle                                                                           8/18/19
Reducing Seattle Congestion with Parking Fees                      8/15/19
Bellevue and Mercer Island Can Mitigate East Link Debacle 8/05/19
Times Continues Abetting ST Car Tab Tax Mendacity            7/29/19  
Bellevue Council Should Drop East Main Station                   7/25/19
 More on Stopping Sound Transit Bus Intercept              7/20/19
How Mercer Island Can Stop “ST Bus Intercept”         7/18/19
Traffic Lab STILL Doesn’t Get It                                      7/15/19
Legislators Ignore Constituents’ Concern                                7/11/19
Seattle Times Bellevue City Council Endorsements        7/01/19
Amazon and Expedia “Connectors”                                  6/28/19
Abating the East Link Debacle                                          6/18/19
Bellevue Reporter Ignores This Republican Candidacy   6/13/19
Sound Transit’s Primary Mission?                                    6/03/19
Sound Transit Should Expedite Second Tunnel               5/30/19
Bellevue Bike Lanes Didn’t “Work”                                   5/25/19
Why I'm a Perennial Losing Candidate                             5/20/19
Seattle Times Ignores Real I-405 Problem                       5/15/19
MI Council Exacerbate East Link Debacle                        5/08/19
Residents Deserve Better From Legislature                     5/04/19
Reducing Seattle Congestion                                            4/25/19
Legislators Should Reject WSDOT I-405 2-HOT Lane 
FONSI                                                                                4/20/10
FTA Abets ST CEO Rogoff Delusion                                 4/15/19
ST/MI "Connivance" Ends I-90 Bus Routes                       4/09/19
Seattle Times Abets ST CEO Rogoff's Delusions?            4/02/19
King County Council 6th District Candidacy 
Announcement                                                                   3/28/19
What Mercer Island Should Do                                          3/19/19
Ending a Decade of Sound Transit Board Failure             3/13/19  
Seattle Times Decade of Failure                                       3/09/19
Sound Transit and WSDOT Incompetence to BDA           3/03/19            
PSRC Needs New Leaders                                               2/28/19
Reducing I-405 Corridor Congestion                                  2/19/18
Lowering the Area's INRIX Rating                                       2/14/19
Reducing I-5 Corridor Travel Time                                       2/11/19
Traffic Lab Doesn't Get It                                                     2/05/19
Mayor Durkan Still Doesn't Get It                                         2/02/19
Tolls That Could Work                                                          1/30/19
Eastside Benefits from Microsoft Pledge                              1/25/19
Eastside Legislators and Mayors Priorities                           1/22/19
Times "Critical to-do list" Ignores Area's Transit Debacle     1/20/19        
Traffic Lab Could Boost Bus Ridership                                 1/15/19
Traffic Lab Needs Danny Westneat                                      1/12/19
Car-Tab Article Typifies Traffic Lab Failure                           1/07/19
More 2018 Reflections: PSRC Failure                                  1/03/19
Reflections on 2018: Traffic Lab No Gift                               12/27/18
Seattle Times Abides Sound Transit Incompetence             12/17/18   
Sound Transit Board Fires CEO Peter Rogoff                      12/10/18
Mayor Durkan Needs New Transit Advisors                         12/06/18
Legislators Should Demand Sound Transit Audit                 12/2/18
Seattle Should Protest Lynnwood Link Grant                       11/28/18
Traffic Lab Abides Sound Transit Financial Plan                  11/21/18
Traffic Lab Continues to Enable Sound Transit Fantasy     11/13/18         
Sound Transit's 2019 Budget Fantasy                                 11/04/18
A Transit System That Works                                               10/27/18
Seattle Traffic Lab Incompetence                                         10/21/18
A DC Metro That "Works" and Why Prop 1 "Won't"              10/15/18    
Bellevue City Council Enabled East Link Debacle                10/02/18         
More Traffic Lab Incompetence With I-405                          9/20/18
Traffic Lab Ignores Decade of Sound Transit Fraud             9/13/18                
Car Tab Issue Epitomizes Sound Transit Decade of Fraud  9/09/18              
A Decade of Sound Transit Fraud is Enough                           9/06/18
Class Action Complaint Against SoundTransit 
Reserved Parking                                                                  8/27/18
48th District Class Action Complaint                                     8/20/18
My Blog Lives On                                                                  8/10/18
A Decade of  Public Transit Incompetence Continues          8/04/18         
Times Traffic Lab Incompetence Continues                          7/28/18
My "Unexpected General Election Candidacy's" Goal          7/22/18            
Kate Riley Should Go                                                            7/17/18
The DSTT Station Debacle                                                     7/10/18
WSDOT HOT Lanes Will Increase Revenue and Congestion  7/02/18         
The Area’s Transportation Debacle Continues                       6/25/18
Microsoft Vans Could Reduce Congestion                           6/19/18
Dear Senator Fortunato                                                        6/09/18
A.G. Ferguson Enabled Sound Transit Debacle                   6/06/18       
Times Abets Link Lynnwood Debacle                                   5/30/18
Today's Seattle Times Doesn't Get It                                    5//21/18
Voters' Pamphlet Submission                                               5/18/18
48th District Should Demand "More"                                    5/12/18
Accommodate Tunnel Closure with 4th Ave T/C                  5/08/18        
Rep. Clibborn Enables I-405 HOT Debacle                          5/02/18
Seattle Times Ignores Suburban Commuters                       4/27/18
OMF Exemplifies East Link Fantasy                                     4/21/18
Dear Federal Highway Administration                                  4/11/18
Seattle Needs More Public Transit not Tolls                          4/05/18                           
Mercer Island Needs Pay-to-Park Not Lyft               4/02/18
Traffic Lab Condones Lynnwood Extension
Insanity                                                                     3/26/18
Five Years of Public Transit Failure Are Enough      3/16/18             Sound Transit Problems Way Beyond CEO
Rogoff"s "Management Style"                                    3/05/18
Sound Transit Should Increase Public
Transit "Supply" Not Manage "Demand"                    3/01/18
Legislature Should Block Two-Lane I-405 HOT         2/26/18           Microsoft Should Use Driverless Vans
to Reduce Congestion                                                2/19/18
Trump Budget Cuts Welcome News                          2/15/18
ACES, Driverless Vans Fatal Flaws                           2/08/18
Help for Issaquah-Hobart Road                                 2/01/18
Legislative Car-Tab Fix Only the  Beginning               1/28/18            "Ride Assurance" Fee Public Transit                         1/24/18
The Pragmatic Transportation Choice                       1/19/18
PSRC Transportation Plan                                         1/15/18
Why Traffic Will Get Worse                                         1/11/18
Seattle Times Legislative Priorities                             1/07/18
Traffic Lab "Connivance?" with WSDOT I-405 HOT    1/03/18
Traffic Lab Ignores "Pay-to-Park"
Congestion Relief                                           12/3017
CEO Rogoff and Traffic Lab Don't "Get it"   12/26/17
What "Traffic Lab" Should Consider for
I-405                                                               12/17/17
Why Seattle Should Advocate "Pay-to-Park  12/14/17
Why "Traffic Lab" Should Consider
"Pay-to-Park"                                                  12/10/17
Public Transit That "Works"                           12/03/17
Seattle Times Sound Transit "Frugality"
Concerns                                                         11/29/17
Republican Legislators Should Demand
a Sound Transit Audit                                    11/23/17
Mayor Durkan                                                11/16/17
Drink the Water                                              11/09/17
Seattle Times Bellevue Shelter Support         11/02/17
Coal Terminal Myths                                     10/30/17
The Demise of the "Link: to East Link          10/27/17
Why Legislators Should Stop ST3                 10/25/17
Seattle Times Constantine Endorsement        10/19/17
What I Would Do                                           10/17/17
Why Seattle Should Oppose East Link          10/15/17
WSDOT HOT Lane Debacle Continues        10/07/17
Times Transparency Concerns: Too Little
and Too Late                                                  10/01/17
Seattle Times Ignores Lack of P&Rs             9/23/17
Congestion Impact on Amazon HQ2 
Decision?                                                       9/17/17
Att. Gen. Ferguson: Legally Malfeasant?      9/11/17
WSDOT Connivance Enables East Link
Debacle                                                          9/06/17
Dow Constantine's Inept Sound Transit
Leadership                                                      8/30/17
Seattle Times "Traffic Lab" Incompetence    8/24/17
County Executive "Hobson's Choice"            8/07/17
Candidate's Statement                                     7/30/17
East Link Beyond Mere "Stupidity"               7/26/17
Sound Transit's "Big Blunder"                        7/22/17
Sound Transit Car Tab Tax Mendacity           7/13/17
Light Rail Extension's Financial Black Hole  7/07/17
Bellevue City Council's Eastside Betrayal      7/01/17
Seattle Times Highway Toll Fetish                  6/26/17
More Shame on Seattle Times                         6/20/17
Shame on Seattle Times Priorities                   6/17/17
Bellevue Reporter Letter                                  6/17/17
East Side Cities Should Sue to Block I-90
Bridge Construction                                         6/10/17
Presentation to "The Stranger"                         6/09/17
Make Sound Transit Demonstrate I-90 
Vehicle Capacity                                               6/0317
Mercer Island's Self-Inflicted I-90 Commute
Problem                                                              6/01/17
Rogoff's Lynnwood Mendacity                          5/26/17
Mercer Island: Use Sound Transit RCW
Violation to Stop East Link                                5/22/17
Sound Transit's Floating Bridge/Train
Combination's Fatal Flaw                                   5/18/17
County Executive Candidates Voters 
Pamphlet Confirmation                                      5/15/17
Seattle Times: East Link Justifies Eastside
Sacrifice???                                                        5/11/17
P&R Problem Only the Beginning of East
Link Debacle                                                      5/05/17
Seattle Times Ignores ST "Prop 1& Beyond"
Light Rail Debacle.                                             5/01/17
County Executive Candidacy BCC 
Announcement                                                    4/24/17
Sound Transit South Bellevue P&R SNAFU     4/20/17
Make Sound Transit Demonstrate I-90 
Bridge Capacity                                                  4/15/17
East Link SEPA Addendum Exemplifies
Sound Transit Failure                                          4/09/17
Why Not BRT on I-90 Bridge?                           4/05/17
Eyman Response to Attorney General 
Ferguson                                                               4/01/17
County Executive Voters' Pamphlet Statement    3/30/17
The East Link Debacle Continues                        3/26/17
County Executive Candidacy Announcement      3/22/17
Why Mercer Island Should Sue Sound Transit    3/19/17                                                        
A.G Ferguson Ignores Sound Transit RCW
Violation                                                               3/13/17
Rogoff's Constantine Campaign Benefit?  c        3/09/17
It's About Time!!                                                  3/06/17
License Tab Fees--Another Seattle Times
Failure                                                                   3/04/17
Seattle's World Class Congestion                         2/26/17
MI Should Demand SOV I-90 Access Lane 
on ICW                                                                 2/22/17
Sound Transit's Absurd Response to RCW
Compliance Concerns                                          2/16/17
WSDOT HOT "Managing Congestion" 
Absurdity                                                             2/10/17
Use I-405 HOT "Pilot Program" Results to 
Show Absurdity of Extensions                            2/04/17
The "Sow's Ear" Reality of I-405 HOT              1/29/17
Attorney General Ferguson's Response              1/25/17
Dear Attorney General Ferguson                        1/20/17
Light Rail Spine Violates Revised Code of
Washington                                                         1/15/17
Sound Transit Expert Review Panel ST3
"Failure"                                                              1/12/17
South Bellevue P&R Closure only the 
Beginning                                                            1/08/17
Looking Back on 2016                                        12/31/16
Mercer Island Should Rescind East Link
Permit Approval                                                  12/20/16
Mercer Island Commuting Problems Only 
Beginning                                                             12/18/16
Bel-Red Without East Link                                  12/14/16
Sound Transit I-90 Segment Fact Sheet:
Mercer Island                                                        12/08/16
Issaquah Transportation Summit                           12/05/16
Bellevue City Council "Ignorance or Deception" 11/29/16
Sound Transit's "Last Chance"                              11/24/16
How Sound Transit "Should" Use ST3 Funds      11/17/16
ST3 "No's" Should Demand Audit                       11/14/16
Seattle Times Should Recommend PSRC
Audit Sound Transit                                             11/09/16
Seattle Times Concedes "ST3 Won't Reduce
Congestion"                                                         11/07/16
Parking "Too Little, Too Late"                            11/02/16
Seattle Times Still Doesn't "Get ST3 Problem"  10/30/16
Make Sound Transit Delay East Link                 10/24/16
Stopping ST3 is Not Enough                              10/20/16
What Sound Transit Should do if ST3 is
Rejected                                                              10/16/16
What if ST3 is Rejected ?                                   10/13/16
What Could Have Been                                      10/09/16
ST3 Questions More Than For "How Much for 
How Long?"                                                        10/05/16
Mass Transit Now ST3 Press Conference           10/03/16
WSDOT Should Require R-8A Capacity 
Demonstration                                                      9/28/16
Mercer Island Commuters Deserve Better           9/26/16
BCC ST3 Support Reflects Their "Vision" of
Light Rail Rather Than Reality                            9/21/16
Why BCC Should Recommend Rejecting ST3   9/18/16
BCC Response to South Bellevue P&R Closure  9/12/16
Sound Transit 3 Operating Cost "Surprise"         9/09/16
East Link's Final "Surprise"                                 9/01/16
East Link I-90 Bridge "Surprises"                        8/26/16
ST3 Flaws                                                            8/23/16
East Link Mercer Slough Impact Far Beyond 
Mere Encroachment                                             8/16/16
East Link Surprises                                              8/14/16
The Times Ignores Its Own ST3 Questions         8/10/16
How Bryant Can Beat Inslee                               8/08/16
Mercer Island "Pay to Park" Benefits                   8/03/16
Paying for "Pay to Park"                                       7/31/16
Eyman ST3 Opposition Welcome                         730/16
More on "Pay to Park"                                          7/26/16
Minimizing the Area's Roadway Congestion        7/23/16
Paying For Transit Without ST3                           7/19/16
The Environmentalist's Transit Solution             7/18/16
Light Rail Not Obsolete Just Lacks Capacity 
Here                                                                     7/11/16
Why ST3 Can't Reduce Congestion                     7/07/16
Seattle Times back to "Cheer Leading" ST3        7/02/16
The Monumental Fraud that is ST3                      6/29/15
The Fraud that is East Link                                  6/22/16
Sound Transit CEO Personifies ST3 
Problems                                                              6/15/16
The Stupidity of ST3 (Part 2)                                6/09/16
The Stupidity of ST3 (Part 1)                                6/03/16
The Futility of a Carbon Tax                                 5/25/16
The Absurdity of Electrifying Transportation        5/21/16
Candidates Statement                                                       5/16/16
Mutual Benefits of Sound Transit/WSDOT 
"Cooperation"                                                                    5/11/16
East Link "Ground  Breaking" No Cause for
Celebration                                                           5/05/16
How BCC Should Respond to ST3                      4/28/16
Bellevue City Council Should Reject ST3           4/26/16
Mobility 21 Ignores BRT Congestion Relief        4/17/16
Flocking to Buses!                                                4/13/16
Candidacy Announcement to Bellevue City
Council                                                               4/11/16
The "Beginning of the End" of ST3                   4/04/16
Candidacy for Governor                                     4/02/16
Constantine "Unaware" of BRT Advantages      3/30/16
What I Think of ST3                                           3/26/16
The "Selling" of ST3                                           3/20/16
The Stupidity of Sound Transit's University 
Link                                                                     3/14/16
Bellevue City Council Ignores Cross-lake 
Commuters                                                           3/12/16
The "Stupidity" of the "Spine"                             3/08/16
ST3 Perpetuates Sound Transit's Prop 1 Fiasco   3/2/16
Sound Transit's ST3 Eastside Transit Failure       2/29/16
Bellevue City Council Should Reject ST3          2/22/16
Clibborn Should Also Go                                     2/15/16
WSDOT Secretary Peterson Deserved 
Termination                                                           2/11/16
ST3 Funding                                                          2/09/16
I-90 Eastgate Congestion                                      2/04/16
University Link Ridership Projections                  2/01/16
East Link's Fatal Flaws                                          1/27/16
Sound Transit Board Oblivious to I-90 Reality     1/24/16
Sound Transit Board Oblivious of I-5 
Congestion                                                              1/17/16
Delay South Bellevue P&R Closure                      1/12/15
Looking Back On 2015 Sound Transit Debacle     1/08/16
WSDOT I-405 HOT Prelude to I-90 Debacle        12/30/15
Sound Transit's ST3 "House of Cards"                   12/24/15
Sound Transit Terminates Prop 1 Light 
Rail Extensions                                                         12/16/15
Ending I-405 HOT Debacle                                   12/11/15
Not Only "No" but "HELL NO!"                           12/08/15
East Link Insanity Continues                                12/03/15
Sound Transit Integrated Transit Service
"Crashes and Burns"                                              11/27/15
Dear Bellevue City Council                                    11/23/15
Making Public Transit "Work"                             11/19/15
Make ST Demonstrate Modified I-90 Bridge 
Outer Roadway Capacity                                      11/16/15
Making UW Link "Work"                                      11/12/15
Sound Transit's "Curious" Ridership 
Numbers                                                                    11/10/15
The Absurdity of Sound Transit's "Green"
Bond Claim                                                               11/06/15
Sound Transit Funding Problems                       11/04/15
Livewire Event Forum Pessimism Justified       10/31/15
The Realities of the Mercer Island Debate        10/29/15
Why I'm Pessimistic About Seattle Times
Livewire Event                                                          10/27/15
The Unlikely I-5 "Livewire Event Solution"       10/26/15
Unlikely I-90 "Livewire Event Solution"             10/20/15
HOV Lanes Finally Come to I-90 Bridge                10/16/15
The East Link Debacle Begins                                   10/1315
I'm Back                                                                         10/10/15
I'll Be Back                                                                       9/17/15
Bellevue City Council Ignores East Link Debacle   9/14/15
Why Not HOT on I-5?                                                   9/07/15
Mercer Island "Loss of Mobility" Compensation  9/05/15
Seattle Times Ignores Sound Transit SNAFU          8/30/15
Bellevue Well Rid of Balducci                                      8/27/15
Let Them Eat "Cake"                                                      8/22/15
I-90 Bridge Design Debacle                                          8/17/15
South Lake Union Parking Alternative                      8/14/15
The Battle Goes On                                                         8/09/15
Sound Transit's ST3 Gambit                                         8/02/15
East Link's History of Incompetence and More      7/31/15
Today's Version of the "Emperors' New Clothes"  7/28/15
East Link "Benefits"                                                         7/26/15
BRT Reduces East Link Congestion and More          7/24/15
What the Expert Review Panel Should Be 
"Reviewing"                                                                       7/16/15
Bel-Red Should Lose East Link Not Hyphen               7/14/15
Dow Constantine's Inept Sound Transit 
Leadership                                                                          7/08/15
Lynn Thompson Typifies Seattle Times Approach
to Sound Transit                                                               6/28/15
Is Light Rail Investment Worth It?                               6/25/15
Why I'm a Candidate                                                     6/23/15
Sound Transit ST3 Exacerbates ST2 Debacle          6/18/15
The I-405 Debacle                                                          6/10/15
Sound Transit Central Link Debacle                           5/28/15
Sound Transit I-90 Debacle                                          5/24/15
The Stupidity of "East" Light Rail                                 5/20/15
BCC Candidacy Filing Fees and Statement                5/16/15
PSRC Still Doesn't "Get It"                                              5/12/15
Council Candidacy Announcement                             5/08/15
Sound Transit Avoids East Link Legal "Challenge"   5/03/15
East Link Without the "Link"                                         4/28/15
Sound Transit/Bellevue East Link MOU 
"Deficiencies"                                                                    4/19/15
Shoreline Hearings Board Appeal Should Stop
East Link                                                                              4/16/15
East Link's Unresolved Issues                                        4/14/15
Make Transportation Package Approval
Contingent on Audit                                                        4/05/15
WSDOT Tolling Mendacity                                            3/31/15
Sound Transit Needs Another Audit                           3/25/15
WSTC Tolling Will Increase I-405 Congestion          3/17/15
Senate Republicans  Don't Get Light Rail
Debacle                                                                              3/15/15
The Ultimate Debacle of East Link                              3/07/15
Dear Attorney General Ferguson                               2/21/15
ST's I-90 Center Roadway Closure Debacle             2/18/15
ST's South Bellevue P&R Replacement Debacle     2/13/15
Sound Transit Monumentally Incompetent                 2/10/15       
WSDOT HOT Avarice                                                     2/04/15
Why BCC Should Rescind Shoreline 
Permit Approval                                                              1/26/15 
Sound Transit's "Quiet" $1.33B Loan                        1/22/15
Mercer Slough Concerns Justified                              1/20/15
What I Hoped to Tell MI Residents                             1/16/15
Dear Bellevue City Council                                            1/13/15
King/Clibborn Oblivious to ST Prop 1 Insanity         1/07/15         
Where ST "Integrated Transit Service" 
Could Work                                                                       12/28/14
Easing  "I-405 Misery" Problem                                   12/23/14
Dear Governor Inslee                                                      12/20/14
BCC Can Disallow East Link Permits                            12/15/14
ST 2040 Proposal Beyond Words                                12/12/14
Joint Transportation Committee Presentation        12/10/14         
Sound Transit's "Integrated Transit 
Service" Insanity                                                               11/29/14
Legislature's IRT Could Stop ST Prop 1 
Extensions                                                                           11/18/14
Mercer City Council Added to Light Rail 
Hall of Shame                                                                      11/11/14
Implementing Transit Improvements                               11/05/14
Reducing the Area's Congestion                                     11/02/14
Fantasy Soars with Sound Transits $15B 
Light Rail Extensions                                                      11/01/14
Stopping Light Rail Debacle                                          10/29/14
Seattle Times Culpability For Transit Debacle              10/27/14                                                
Why I'll Likely Fail in my Campaign to Stop
East Link                                                                         10/17/14
 48th Dist. Candidates Forum Presentation                  10/13/14
Seattle's Real "Tunnel Boondoggle"                                10/9/14
Rep. Ross Hunter No "Saint"                                             10/03/14
East Link Dwarfs Big Bertha Boondoggle                       9/25/14
DBA Presentation                                                                 9/23/14
What I Hoped to Present to the BDA                              9/17/14
AWB Presentation                                                               9/12/14
ST's "Real" Mercer Slough Problem                               9/04/14
What I Would've (Will?) Told Seattle Times                 8/31/14
What's With the PSRC ?                                                      8/24/14
Local Transportation Leaders Inept or ???                    8/14/14
More on East Link "Stupidity"                                           8/11/14
East Link's Monumental Stupidity                                   8/08/14
More Losers in the East Link Debacle                             8/05/14
The Human Face of the East Link Debacle                    7/30/14
East Link's $285 Million Operating Deficit             7/27/14
Two Numbers Should Stop East Link                      7/19/14
East Link Will Bankrupt Central Link                      7/09/14
More on East LInk Debacle                                7/06/14
The East Link Debacle                                          7/03/14
Bel Red's Real East Link Problem                      7/01/14
Bellevue City Council Lacks Credibility            6/25/14
Sound Transits Despicable I-90 4th Lane 
Delays                                                                       6/20/14
Lack of FHWA East Link Oversight                    6/19/14
More Sound Transit "Surprises"                        6/10/14
More Bellevue City Council Ineptness              5/28/14
New "Light Rail Hall of Shame" Inductees--
Bellevue City Council                                              5/25/14
Tax  "Payroll" Not "Sales" to Fund Metro        5/17/14
Sound Transit's Two Big Blunders                      5/13/14
More Sound Transit Board Incompetence           5/01/14
New Light Rail Hall of Shame Members           4/25/14
Sound Transit Board Can Atone for Past 
Mistakes                                                                    4/16/14
Light Rail "Hall of Shame"                                     4/12/14
Sound Transit's Prop 1 Debacle                           4/01/14  
Funding Metro Shortfall                                       3/21/14
Candidacy for 48th District                                  3/19/14
MI City Council Oblivious to East Link Reality  3/11/14
BBB Can Stop East Link                                           3/04/14
WSDOT Needs Better Leadership                        2/28/14
East Link Environmental Nightmare                    2/27/14
Why BRT Will Replace East Link by 2030            2/20/14
Times Could Stop Sound Transit Debacle           2/14/14
ST Board Needs New Leadership                          2/08/14
Bellevue City Council Doesn't "Care"                   2/03/14
Mercer City Council Still Doesn't Get It                1/29/14
More On ST/WSDOT Stopping I-90 Buses          1/28/14
I-405 Benefits From HOT                                         1/26/14
ST's East Link Insanity to End I-90 Buses              1/23/14
Four Questions MI Should Ask ST About East
Link                                                                                1/20/14
ST Attempts to "Buy" MI East Link Approval      1/17/14
Not "Better Late Than Never"                                 1/16/14
The Seattle Times Still Doesn't "Get It"                 1/13/14
Where The PSRC Got It Wrong                               1/09/14
The East Side Without East Link                              1/04/14
Happy New Year                                                          1/02/14
Mercer Island Can Stop I-90 Tolls (And East
Link)                                                                               12/29/13
Sound Transit Insanity Continues                          12/24/13
Citizens Advisory Committee Charade                 12/21/13
Operating Costs Doom Prop 1 Light Rail
Finances                                                                        12/18/13
The Choice is Clear                                                      12/12/13
Why Prop 1 Light Rail Extensions Should Be 
Stopped                                                                         12/11/13
Seattle Light Rail's Fatal Flaw                                   12/08/13
Solving Metro Shortfall                                             12/03/13
I-90 Tolling EIS Futility                                               11/30/13
Sound Transit UW Extension Problem                  11/23/13
Seattle Times Ineptitude                                           11/20/13
Mercer Island East Link Permit Approval 
Contingencies                                                               11/12/13
NotollingonI-90 EIS Scoping Failure                       11/08/13
Bel Red Noise Mitigation?                                         11/06/13
I-90/Light Rail Compatibility Test Status?             10/29/13
Meeting Area's Transportation Needs                   10/23/13
WSDOT I-90 Toll EIS "Scoping" Failure                  10/17/13
Lynnwood Light Rail Route Choice Clear               10/11/13
Responsible FHWA Oversight Could Stop East 
Link                                                                                  10/09/13
Legislature's Joint Transportation Committee's
Oversight Failure                                                          10/01/13
East Link Can be Stopped                                             9/25/13
WSDOT/ST Lawyers Fail to do "Due Diligence"     9/23/13
Hypocrisy Rampant at Bellevue Transportation 
Forum                                                                                9/21/13                                               
Stopping I-90 Tolling                                                      9/19/13
Supreme Court Errs in Freeman Decision                 9/17/13
Sound Transit Mendacity Wins Again                        9/14/13
EIS Won't Stop I-90 Tolling                                            9/04/13
One More Post                                                                  8/21/13
The End of the Blog                                                          8/09/13
WSDOT East Link Debacle Dwarfs 520 Problems    8/05/13
Sound Transit Can Be Stopped                                      8/04/13
Stopping East Link Not Enough                                     8/01/13
Sound Transit Problems Way Beyond East Link       7/29/13
BBB Appeal Could Stop East Link                                  7/25/13
East Side Legislators Can Stop East Link                      7/23/13
Sound Transit's Top Ten Blunders                                7/18/13
Seattle Times Not "Credible"                                         7/14/13
BCC East Link Justification "Flawed"                            7/11/13
Bellevue Patch Interview                                                7/09/13
King County Metro/Sound Transit Comparison       7/02/13
The  Seattle Times Could...?                                           6/25/13
Stopping Central Link Extensions Could ....?              6/21/13
Stopping East Link Would ....?                                        6/19/13
Times Endorsement Interview                                        6/16/13
Transportation Funding Concerns                                 6/13/13
Bellevue City Council "Ethics"                                          6/03/13
East Link's Real Impact                                                      5/30/13
Times and Legislature Ignore Sound Transit "Fund 
Misuse"                                                                                  5/21/13
My Candidacy for Bellevue City Council                       5/15/13
BCC Agreement Continues East Link Debacle              5/11/13
It Doesn't Hurt Yet                                                               5/01/13
Salvaging Light Rail in Seattle                                           4/26/13 
BBB Should "Litigate" Not "Mitigate" East Link           4/21/13
I-90 Tolls, Rubbing Salt on an Open Wound                4/18/13
ST/UW T/C   Decision Beyond  Incompetent                4/15/13
ST High Risk/No Reward Northgate Extension            4/10/13     
Bellevue Reporter Blind to East Link Reality                 4/07/13
Light Rail Costs Threaten Entire Area                             3/29/13
Light Rail Operating Cost Debacle                                   3/23/13
BBB Should Appeal Judge's East Link Suit Decision    3/16/13
Post for Washington Joint Legislative Committee 
on Transportation                                                                3/14/13
Federal Way Central Link Extension "Idiotic"               3/09/13
Sound Transit East Link Funding Not "Prudent"          3/06/13
BCC and BR “Fiddle” While Bellevue “Burns”                3/03/13
BBB Mitigation Proposal Not the Answer
for East Link                                                          2/27/13
East Link Impact not De Minimis                          2/23/13
Bellevue Leadership Alternative Light Rail 
Draft Not the Answer                                             2/20/13
Silk Purse Out of a Sow's Ear                                    2/18/13
Permit Approval Meeting Disappointing              2/13/13
Proposed Permit Approval Changes Would
Stop East Link                                                         2/09/13
Eastside Residents Deserve Better                          2/05/13
Bellevue City Council Still Doesn't Get It               2/02/13
BBB Suit Also Potential Winner                              2/01/13
Freeman/ETA Suit Should End East Link                1/25/13
WSDOT I-90 Toll Proposal Not the Answer for
SR520 Funding                                                       1/22/13
Sound Transit Incompetence Continues                  1/15/13
Sound Transit and Seattle Times Still Don't
Get It